What is a product tour without powerful analytics of your buyers to qualify them further into the funnel?

Storylane lets you gather per demo analytics that you can view on our dashboard or push to marketing automation platforms and CRMs. We integrate directly with 90% of the most common systems of record. If you'd like to send the analytics to the platform you are currently using you can take a look at the Integrations collection of articles. Now, let's look at the analytics that Storylane gives you on its dashboard.

In this article, we'll go over:

1. Global Analytics

2. Per-story analytics

3. Per-user analytics

Here's a video made by one of the co-founders of Storylane, Akash, that explains the insights of the Analytics page:

1. Global Analytics

To view the global analytics of your Storylane demos, go to the Analytics tab on the left sidebar of your Storylane dashboard.

The Global Analytics view will show the total impressions and engagements (viewers that interacted with your demo) that your demos have received over time. Click any of the story rows to go into the analytics of a specific demo.

The Activity tab at the top of the Analytics page shows more details on the actions your leads have taken on your stories, as well as the conversion rate and total time spent on your demos. Use the "Export CSV" button at the top right corner to export a .csv format of your global analytics.

2. Per-story analytics

To view the analytics of a demo you've published, find your demo and click the " views" button at the bottom of the card.

The Engagement tab will show an overview of what has been happening with your live demo. The first panel, Traffic, will show the number of impressions and engagements (impressions that interacted with your demo) over time.

The second panel, Performance, shows the completion rate of for the total number of steps in your selected flow, as a funnel.

Each bar is a percentage of the viewers who reached that step. For instance, 90.91% passed step 1.

Similarly, the "Time Spent" button will show a per-step breakdown of how much your viewers are staying, on average, on each of your funnel's steps.

If you'd like to see this data for another flow in your demo, you can do so by selecting another flow in the top-right dropdown.

The Activity tab will provide more in-depth information about individual leads who have reached or interacted with your demo.

If you created multiple links for your demos, you can choose which one to see the activity for in the dropdown list on the top right corner of the panel.

3. Per-user analytics

You can see more data about each lead by clicking on its corresponding row. The individual lead view shows the exact step that viewers took while on your demo, as well as the time they spent on each step.

You can also see information about the device from which the user has completed the demo and their location.

Have a suggestion about a new data view or analytics feature we should include in Storylane? Share your idea with us over Intercom.

What's next? -> Check out the Integrations collection to send all the analytics to the platform you are using.

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