Integrate Marketo with Storylane

Storylane will send you a secure URL to connect your Marketo account. Once you click on the URL and click on the "Configure Marketo" button, you will be prompted to provide the below data to connect your Marketo account:

Here is a quick “story” on where to find (client-id, client-secret, endpoint-url, and identity-url) in Marketo account.

Once the integration between Marketo and Storylane is successful, below custom fields are created on Marketo:

Demo Name - last viewed demo

  • type: String

  • name: sl_last_demo_name

Demo Viewed At - when demo was viewed last

  • type: DateTime

  • name: sl_last_demo_at

Demo Time (secs) - time spent in seconds

  • type: Integer

  • name: sl_last_demo_time_secs

Demo Complete (%) - percent of steps completed

  • type: Percent

  • name: sl_last_demo_completion_percent

Demo Link - link to the demo

  • type: Url

  • name: sl_last_demo_link

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