Checklists allow you to take viewers through multiple flows of your product, in a single demo. Each flow can contain multiple steps and walk your viewer through a particular feature set or aspect of your product. To enable the Checklist feature, start by creating the flows you want to make available to your viewers. The button at the top right corner of the right sidebar shows the current flow you are on ("Default" in the following example). Click that to see an overview of your Flows and create a new one.

The Flows menu allows you to rename, delete or reorder your current flows. Click "Create Flow" to give your new flow a name and start setting up the steps you want your user to be able to take in that flow.

Clicking on a flow in the Flows menu will take you to the dashboard where you can add different steps for that flow.

Once you add steps for each of the flows in your checklist, go back to the flows menu (click on the title of the current flow - "Moving Money" in the above picture) and click on the Checklist button at the bottom of the sidebar.

This will open the checklist modal and will allow you to edit the items shown in your checklist. Reorder the items by dragging them, or click "Edit" to open the edit modal for an item in the checklist.

Each item in your Checklist can have a title and a description, as well as an action. Actions on checklist items allow users to do one of two things:

  1. Go to a flow in your demo

  2. Go to an external page (for example the Sign-Up page on your website).

From the checklist modal, you can also add new items by clicking the "Add Item" button, inputting a title for your item, and selecting the action it should point to.

Once you save your checklist items, go ahead and republish your demo to view it in the live version. Congrats! You just enabled your first checklist using Storylane 🎉!

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