Integrate Hubspot with Storylane

We will send a unique link that will allow you to connect your HubSpot and Storylane Accounts. After you click on the link the following page will open up.

You can click on the "Connect HubSpot" button and you'll be redirected to the HubSpot page where you'll have to log in with your HubSpot account.

You'll choose the HubSpot account that you want to connect and click on the Choose Account button. If all goes well, you'll then be redirected to a page that says that your account has been successfully connected to HubSpot.

Once integrated, you will see demo analytics populated as “custom property” in your HubSpot contacts.

Below custom properties will be created on HubSpot once integrated with Storylane. They will be under a group called “Storylane” in the properties of a contact.

Demo Name - last viewed demo

  • type: String

  • name: sl_last_demo_name

Demo Viewed At - when demo was viewed last

  • type: DateTime

  • name: sl_last_demo_at

Demo Time (secs) - time spent in seconds

  • type: Number

  • name: sl_last_demo_time_secs

Demo Complete (%) - percent of steps completed

  • type: Number

  • name: sl_last_demo_completion_percent

Demo Link - link to the demo

  • type: String

  • name: sl_last_demo_link

Create a custom form

You can create a new form or go to one of your existing forms.

Once you've got your form, click on the Embed button and copy the embedded code.

There are now two ways in which we can integrate this form:

(a) ‘Lead form’ inside demo:
You can send us the code and we'll embed it. The form can appear:

  • at the beginning of the demo

  • at the end of the demo

  • at any step in the demo (as a lead capture widget)

(b) ‘Lead form’ outside demo:
Manage the HubSpot form on your landing page, and then redirect users to the Storylane Demo page. You will need to pass the email to us when the HubSpot form is managed separately.

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