Tokens can be used to quickly personalize a demo and send it out or introduce a dynamic date & time.

In this article, we'll cover:

  1. Text tokens

    1. Inserting tokens

    2. Giving values to the created tokens

    3. Adding new text tokens

  2. Date & Time tokens

We will go through each of these in detail next.

1. Text Tokens

Goal: instead of "Welcome, Jane!" we'll have "Welcome, {{first_name}}" and change the first name based on who we are sending the demo to. Here's a Loom video explaining how to do that or you can follow the steps below.

1. a) Inserting tokens

To insert a token in a text element, click on the text where you want to change the first name to a token and then on the green curly brackets.

The following pop-up will then appear:

We can now delete "Jane" and press on the "{{first_name}}" token to have the token instead of the name.

We can now press the save button and we'll see that the text in the demo has been changed:

1. b) Giving values to the created tokens

Let's now see how the first name can be easily changed. If you click on the share button and then on the "Tokens" tab you'll see the tokens that you can now give values to:

We can now type in the "first_name" field, the name of the person we want to appear. Let's say we'd like to send this to Harry. So we type his name.

We can then move back to the "share" tab and copy the link to the demo for Harry.

We can now see that in the published demo we have "Welcome Harry".

1. c) Adding new text tokens

To add more tokens, you can go on the "Manage fields" button:

Then click on the "add new" button:

And type the field you'd like to create and add the default value for that field:

You then click on the pink tick button on the right of the field you are adding and you'll now see that the new token will appear next to the other ones.

In the manage fields tab, tokens can also be deleted.

2. Date & time tokens

Moreover, date & time tokens can also be added.

These are dynamic tokens that will automatically change.

What's next? -> Learn how to Share & Embed a Demo.

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