The lead capture form is a widget which helps you collect information about your demo viewers. You can experiment and add this at the beginning, middle, or end of your demo. We usually recommend introducing it amongst the first few steps of the demo, but it certainly depends on the usecase.

The predefined lead capture form has two fields: email and name. You can edit the form such that it only asks for the email address. To do so you go to the edit button next to the form and unselect "Show name field".

Customized lead forms can be integrated in your demo if you share your HTML code with the Storylane team. The HTML code can be automatically generated from Hubspot, Marketo, or the lead management platform that you use.

Once you integrate a lead capture form, all the information that the form asks for will be available in the "Analytics" tab and can also be sent to your own analytics platform (i.e. Hubspot, Marketo, etc).

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