To start customizing a widget click on the "Edit step" button next to it. You'll then be prompted with pop up where the first tab ("STYLE") will allow you to:

  • Change the color of the background of the widget

    • Pick from a predefined list of colors or use the picker to choose the exact color you want

  • Add backdrop

    • Use backdrops to choose the specific area you want to be highlighted for a hotspot or walkthrough-type step.

  • Choose the beacon color

  • Choose the width of the frame

  • Adjust the alignment of the widgets and the arrow

You can use the "BATCH UPDATE" option (bottom of the pop-up) to customize all widgets in the demo at the same time. This will open a new pop-up where you can choose which options to apply to all steps.

If we now move to the "CONFIG" tab you will see multiple ways in which you can configure your widget.

  • Add an "X" button
    Allows the viewer to close the guided steps and explore the product tour on their own.

  • Add a "previous" button
    Allows the viewer to go to the previous step

  • Add a "next" button

    This button can be used as is to allow the user to go to the next step or by changing the Call to Action, to take another other action by taking them to an external link (i.e. "TRY IT OUT" with a link to your product)

  • Add a secondary button

    To enable more than one actions on a specific step in your demo.

  • Show step number
    Show how far along they are in the demo

  • Show only beacon
    Hides the text box and action button from the demo step.

  • Recording

    Add an audio file to the widget

  • Hide arrow

    Hide the arrow of the widget.

  • Hide text on mouse out

    Hides the text box when the mouse is moved outside the widget surface.

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