Storylane has different types of widgets that can help guide the viewer through your product. Start by going to the "GUIDE" tab, if you are on an HTML demo, or look on the right side menu and click the "ADD STEP" button.

Once you click the "ADD STEP" button you'll see all the options for widgets you can add:


  1. Hotspot
    A widget is used to point to an element on a page and add text related to that element.

  2. Walkthrough
    Walkthrough steps are used like Hotspots, but can also be augmented by an action button (Example: "Next", "See More", "Sign Up", etc.).


  1. Text only
    A text-only modal is commonly used as the first step in the demo as a welcome message. It can contain text and a customizable action button.

  2. Lead Capture
    A form element is used to capture the email, name, or custom fields from the clients that go through your demo.

  3. Image
    Used to add a step in your demo containing a custom image and a button (Example: commonly used to add a picture of a person on your team that viewers can get in touch with).

  4. Video
    Used to add a step in your demo containing a custom video and a button (Example: commonly used to add an introductory video of one of your team members, introducing the product or just saying hi, making the demo more friendly for viewers).

All widgets come with color customization, as well as the option to change the look and text of the button pointing to the upcoming step.

What's next? -> Learn how you can customize the widgets.

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