Now that you have an account and the chrome extension we can start the capture process.

In this article, we'll go over:

  1. Starting a screenshot story

  2. Naming your story

  3. How to capture each page

  4. Finishing the capture

  5. Demo overview

  6. Adding & Editing the guided steps

  7. Publishing your demo

Here’s a video explaining how to create your first screenshot demo:

Step 1: Starting a screenshot story

To start capturing by using the record screenshot option, click on the extension, then on the record screenshot option.

Step 2: Naming your story

Give your demo a name such as “Mercury Screenshot Demo”, and begin the capture process.

Step 3: How to capture each page

There will be a three-second prompt and an icon will appear, showing you that the screen capturing process has begun. Below you can see that the icon from the extension has changed.

Now you can click on the page in an area that is not “clickable” to take a screenshot. After taking a screenshot a number will appear beside the extension icon, displaying how many screenshots have been captured.

You can now see that we've captured 2 screens so far.

Step 4: Finishing the capture

Go through the tabs you would like captured. Once you have captured all the desired pages click on the extension icon again and click on the "Finish Capturing" button.

Step 5: Demo overview

As soon as you click on the "Finish Capturing" button a new tab will appear with the captures you've made.

On the right-hand side of the screen, the app automatically adds guided steps exactly where you made your clicks.

Step 6: Adding & Editing the guided steps

You can edit or add text to the existing widgets or you can add new widgets. It is a good practice to add a welcoming text modal as the first step and a lead capture or thanking text modal as the last step.

Step 7: Publishing your demo

Once satisfied with how the demo looks go to the upper right-hand side of your screen and click on the “PUBLISH & SHARE” icon.

This will open up a modal that contains the link to the demo you just created.

Congrats! Check out the demo you just created by copying the demo link or pressing the button next to the "Copy" button.

What's next? -> Create your First HTML story.

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